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Kite School JOLLY KITE in Thailand

Welcome to the page of JollyKite, kitesurfing, kite school in Thailand, Pranburi, Pak Nam Pran!

Our kitesurfing school is located in the small Thai village of Pak Nam Pran, near the town of Pranburi, which reminds a true paradise. Here you will find everything that Thailand is so famous for: beautiful landscapes, clear sea, friendly people, and (which is the most important thing) the wind! That’s why many kite lovers have chosen this awesome destination. The nearest major Thai city is Hua Hin – it’s only 30 km or 30 minutes by motorbike from Pak Nam Pran.

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Our Kite School is equipped with modern kites by Slingshot, Cabrinha and Core. They are very simple and understandable for both beginners and advanced kitesurfers. You can also rent kite equipment at our place (look here for the rental prices).

Kitesurfing school, why in Thailand?

We were tempted by the wonderful conditions, climate and friendly atmosphere of this place and settled down right here, in the beautiful Pak-Nam-Pran. Every year from November to May we teach kitesurfing in Thailand, and for the summer time we are moving to Mezhvodnoe in the Crimea. There you can also find wonderful conditions for kitesurfing and low prices.

Our team consists of professional and experienced instructors certified by the international kiteboarding organization IKO, which methodology is used all over the world. Our goal is to teach you how to kite safe for your own and for the others! Our moto is “Enjoy everything that you do!”: whether it’s teaching, learning, just riding or training new tricks, always smile to life and the opportunities that it gives to you.

It is very important for us if the customers return, so we are working hard to ensure that our students are happy.

Prices for kitesurf lessons in Thailand

One of the most popular courses at our kite school is the 9 hours of individual kite lessons, during which time most people learn the basics of kitesurfing up to the point where they can ride on their own.

Prices for one-on-one individual kite lessons:

1 hour 65 €
9 hours – 500 € (1+2 level IKO) recommended for beginners✅
13 hours – 700 € (1-3 level IKO) recommended for beginners✅

Prices for Group Kite Training two students per coach

1 hour 65 €
12 hours – 450 € (1+2 level IKO) recommended for beginners✅
15 hours – 550 € (1-3 level IKO) recommended for beginners✅

We also have group training. You can read more about the cost of training at this link.

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We try to make our kitesurfing lessons as profound and productive as it’s possible, without missing a single important detail. It has a huge meaning for us that our students achieve the desired result and begin to kite independently. We take care of our students’ progress every course day and that the lessons are fun.

photo school instructor jollyKite Thailand

It usually takes about 4 windy days to ride on the board, with 2 hours of kite lessons every day. At the end of the kite course every student receives an international IKO certificate which allows to rent kite equipment at any kite spot of the world. The certificate also confirms that its owner is not dangerous for other kitesurfers and simple beach goers 🙂

Jollykite kiteboarding school is based at a cozy villa with a swimming pool. Instructors of the kite school are also living here. In the morning we have at our place yoga classes, and in the evening, after training and riding, we organise for our visitors and students barbecues with fresh royal prawns on the grill, review photos and videos of the day and share impressions. All the theoretical classes and kitesurfing lectures are also held here.


It is easy to find in Pak Nam Pran comfortable accommodation for every taste and price. We are always ready to help our guests with accommodation: pick up a hotel, mini-hotel or resort. If you want to stay for a longer period we have several options of apartments and bungalows with kitchens which are possible to rent for a long time. Detailed information with photos, costs and description of accommodation can be found hire.

One of the unbeatable advantages of our kitesurfing school is its location. The town of Pranburi is ideal for families. You can come here with children, relatives or friends (we mean those who do not kitesurf). Everyone will find here something to do. While you are kiteboarding, your relatives and friends will be able to relax on the beach, go sightseeing, take a walk in the park or do shopping.


Besides the well-known kitesurfing competitions are held every year in Pak Nam Pran.

Anyone can take part but it’s not easy to win, as professionals from all over the world are eager to participate in them.

low mobe kiteboarding trick
kitesurf competition KTA Thailand


the temple in the cave

The temple in the cave. National Royal Park

Those, who can not stay still, can find nearby several wake parks and paragliding school. Our kitesurfing school is perfectly created for those who want join together vacation, sports and fun!