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Where and how to get an IKO certificate?

What is IKO and why do I need it?

Many of you have heard this strange and utterly incomprehensible word – IKO. Let’s figure out what it is and who needs it.

IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) is the world’s leading kiteboarding organization.

It specializes in everything related to the kite education. For example, IKO develops safe methods and standards for kiteboarding lessons. The main idea is to achieve the ideal balance of skills and experience in teaching, fun and safety while maintaining an individual approach to each student.

IKO strives to provide high quality courses in such a way that in any part of the world riders can kitesurf safely for themselves and for the other people. That is why the Organization gives opportunity to teach only to the highly qualified kitesurfing instructors.

Why do I need an IKO certificate?

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Since the IKO is the most famous kite organization in the world, everyone knows it, and the graduate certificate of this organization is like a visiting card in the entire kite community.

You are not allowed to come to any spot just like that and start riding without showing the IKO card before. You can not even rent kite equipment without IKO card. If you do not have this card, you are most likely to be required to undergo IKO course or at least to spend an hour with the instructor, so that you can prove your kite competence.

Is it possible to fake an IKO card?

Luckily, it’s not possible. IKO’s card is just a piece of paper, but it shows the ID of your coach, who has taught you and registered you in the general database on the official IKO website. By the way, as soon as you are registered, you get a confirmation e-mail letter from the IKO organization.

How do I get an IKO certificate?

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IKO certificate in Thailand

IKO certificate