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What to do in Thailand, Pak Nam Nam?

Entertainment and leisure time in Thailand, Pak Nam Pran

You can find all kind of amusements in Pranburi: sightseeing attractions, wake parks, shopping, night life and much more.

In addition to kitesurfing, Jolly Kite School will share with you information about the numerous options of hanging out.

Sightseeing, outdoor activities, shopping and going out options in Pak Nam Pran, Prachuapkirikan, Thailand

Sightseeing in Pak Nam Pran, Hua Hin, Prachuapkirikan

What to see in Pranburi and what sights the province is famous for?

Royal caves Sam Roi Yot

There are a lot of caves in the Pranburi area, but the Sam Roi Yot cave system is the largest and the most beautiful. The most famous cave is the royal one where the temple is located, which was built by the order of the king.

Beautiful temple in the Phraya Nakhon Cave

Phraya Nakhon Cave

It takes approximately 30 minutes by motorbike to get there from our house.

The Phraya Nakhon Cave

The Caves

Google map:

Monkey Island

picture of a swimming monkey

It’s possible to get there only by kayak (100 baht per hour for one person (around 3$)). As it is not difficult to guess, you will find a lot of monkeys on this island. In general, only they are living there. There are many signs on the island not to feed the animals, but people still take fruit to treat the hosts of the island. In response, monkeys are getting a bit brazen – they can try to take away the presents and sometimes even jump on your head, so be careful =)

Mangrove forest in the “Thousand peaks” national park 

Pranburi National Park, which is famous for its impassable mangroves, located in just 10 minutes drive from our house. But to be honest, you can easily find a path through the forest using those wonderful bridges.

picture of forest in the Pranburi National Park

Mangrove forest in the Pranburi National Park

By the way, the beautiful Pranburi river flows through the whole mangrove park. You can take a boat trip down the river and enjoy the nature while watching the inhabitants of the mangrove forest: lizards, snakes, crabs and exotic birds.

Picture of a beautiful crab

Crab shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow

Dolfin bay

A lot of dolphins (including pink ones) often come to swim here. This very pink species also live in the Amazon River.

photo of a pink dolphin

The pink dolphin peeped out to tease us

Outdoor activities in Pranburi

In addition to kiteboarding, there is also a cable wake park located in only 5 minutes away from the house. The price of two wake sessions (7 minutes each) – 400 baht. If there is no people then you can make another couple of sets:

2 hours = 600 baht,

1 day = 800 baht.

The trick is that already after 7 minutes your hands are dead.

By the way, we have a wonderful English-speaking instructor who will teach you how to ride wakeboard and even jump.

Wakeboard lessons in Pak Nam Pran

Picture winch

Reversible winch is our friend on days without wind

Paragliding school (recently disappeared somewhere)

Picture Paragliders

Sport for the fearless flyers

Shopping in Pak Nam Pran and Hua Hin

The best option for shopping is to go to Hua Hin to visit “Cicada Market”. An insane amount of all sorts of pretty little things are sold here.

Picture of pillowcases on the counter

Loads of handmade stuff

carousel picture

Lots of discounts

Picture of slippers

These shoes cost 8$ per pair

Restaurants and bars

There are many cozy cafes and bars with delicious food in Pranburi. You can dance, play pool or just have a good time there.

picture of children at the bar

Kids can drink fresh juice while adults are dancing on the tables

picture of boys dancing

The boys are having fun

bar photo

Kitesurfers in the bar