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Promotional deals and discounts for kitesurfing courses

Cheap kitesurfing lessons in Thailand!

The main idea of the promotion: at certain dates we increase the number of hours of the kite corse in Thailand and reduce the price for it. Thus, lessons are much more profitable in our Thai kite school.

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photo how to learn to ride a kite

In 2018-2019 we will traditionally offer several special deals for kitesurfing lesson in Thailand.

During the time of the promotions JOLLY KITE kite-school will be teaching at the special low prices.

Private kitesurfing course of 10 hours (this time is enough to pass the levels 1 and 2 of the IKO system) will cost 450 $  (instead of 565 $)

One hour of private lessons – 50 $ (instead of 65 $)

Group kitesurfing course of 10 hours – 350 $ per person (instead of 500 $)

An hour of group lesson – 40 $ per person (instead of 55 $)

Usual price for kitesurfing course of 9 hours is 500$

Kiteboarding Training in JollyKite school

Dates of the promotional deals:

  • from December 8 to December 21
  • from January 21 to February 10
  • from March 19 to April 1

Also, this season we plan to make a special deal called “SWEET MAY” from May 1 to 12.

To sign up for a promotional deal, write down the word “Promotion” in the sign up form while booking a course or a lesson.

The cost of the kite-course includes coaching, kite, harness, board, helmet, vest and radio-support during the lesson.

It is advisable to have on you: a sun-cream, a lycra, a hat, glasses and leggings to protect you from the sun.

The cost of the kite-course does NOT include: neoprene clothes, which are not needed.

On our web-page you can easily find all the necessary information: from how to get to what to do besides kitesurfing.

Contact us:

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mail: kitejolly@gmail.com

or through our sign up form. Hurry up to make an appointment!

Attention! Special prices are valid strictly within the specified terms of the promotion.