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Kite spot of the JollyKite

The best place for kite surfing (especially for beginners) is Lazy beach. Kite lessons at JOLLYKITE school are held at this spot, because:

  • the beach is very long (that allows to make long downwinders)
  • shallow water (knee/hip-height)
  • wind-along the beach
  • wide and sandy beach (which is a great advantage, because during the high tide, in other places water significantly reduces the space for launching the kites)
  • small traffic on the water (a lot of space for everybody)
  • cafes on the beach (to have a fresh seafood snack between the lessons)

All this makes Lazy beach and places around it the best spots in Pak Nam Pran Pranburi.

Photo Kite spot Pak Nam Pran

And it’s located only 1 minute away by motorbike from our kite house, which is very convenient!

Spot location on the map:

Wind statistics in Pak Nam Pran Pranburi over the previous 4 years:

  • November – this month has an average of 19 windy days. The average wind speed is 16knots.
  • December – 25 days of wind, the best month of the year for kitesurfing. Average speed is about 16-18knots.
  • January – about 17 days for kiteboarding. A good month for learning kitesurfing. Wind blows with the speed of 14knots.
  • February – 14 days with the wind of 14knots.
  • March – 20 days for kitesurfing. It blows around 14-16knots. Ideal time for kite lessons.
  • April – 16 days. This is the final month of the kite season in Thailand. In April the wind is moderate (12-14knots), which is perfect for beginners.

Wind conditions in Pak Nam Pran, Pranburi, Thailand

From November to mid-January we have here North wind direction (if you face the sea, then the direction of the wind is from left to right). In the middle of January the wind changes radically and the South wind comes (it blows from right to left along the beach).

North wind is stronger and more stable than the South wind, which is why there are so many windy days in the first half of the kitesurfing season. Despite this, time from February to late April is more suitable for kite lessons, because the wind is not very strong and the sea is calmer.

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