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Kitesurfing lessons in Thailand IKO certificates

Training levels in the IKO system

Learn kitesurfing according to the international IKO system in a friendly atmosphere at the best kite spot in Thailand next to Hua Hin city (just 30 km from the city center).

Kite course in our school consists of 3 levels:

Program of the kite course:

1st level of the kite-corse – “Confident kite control” – ideal for those who plans to learn kitesurfing from scratch. At the end of this level you will be able to determine safe weather conditions and place for kite surfing, independently set up and pack the equipment, control the kite.

girl pumps up kite on the beach

First of all, you will learn how to assemble equipment

2nd level of the kite-corse – “Getting up on the board” – the basics of riding on the board with the kite brings you to the water start on the board. It includes all the introductory exercises for the board. At the end of this level you will be riding in both directions (downwind).

photo traffic rules on the water
Real kitesurfer knows the right-of-way rules! The best kite instructor is always takes care of the safety of his students.

3rd level of the kite-corse – “Confident riding on a board” – is advanced level of kiteboarding. You learn how to ride upwind, make stops, turns and learn the theory of jumps.

photo professional trick

You can also learn advanced kite tricks in our school

Prices for the kite courses

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photo training kite elements on a wakeboard

You will hear the instructor in any case

In pursuit of the result we do not disdain any auxiliary tools: we can teach you how to get up on the board using a reversible cable and even if the microphone does not work, we find a way to convey information to you.

Detailed information on the program of the kite-courses in Thailand

(specially for those who is not too lazy to deal with a longread)

Level 1 IKO

Student is able to:

  • determine the direction of the wind and safe conditions for kitesurfing
  • independently prepare a training kite for launching
  • use the safety system of the training kite
  • control a training kite
  • twist and untwist the lines of a training kite while flying it
  • launch a training kite and land it on the ground with the help of assistant
  • walk in both directions, change the direction of the movement while flying the training kite
  • understands the theory of the wind window
  • independently set up 4/5-line inflatable kite with a safety system
  • check if the kite is ready for launching
  • check if the equipment is properly set up when the kite is in the air
  • use international non-verbal signals for communications
  • launch and land a 4/5 lines kite on the ground to the assistant and as an assistant
  • control the kite while wearing the harness
  • use a safety system of a kite
  • depower the kite while flying it
  • use and activate the quick-release safety system on the water
  • independently pack the kite and control bar

Level 2 IKO

At the end of this level student is able to:

  • enter the water safely on his own while controlling the kite
  • relaunch kite from the water
  • do the exercise “bodydrag” while moving downwind
  • hold kite at the required place of the wind window
  • change the direction of movement from left to right and vice versa during bodydrag
  • knows how to make self-rescue and then fold the kite
  • recover the board using the „bodydrag upwind” exercise
  • do bodydrag while holding the board in one hand
  • return to the same point where the „bodydrag upwind” started
  • tell the theory of water start
  • knows the theory of safe behavior on the water during water launch
  • independently put on a board
  • make water start in both directions and ride short distances
  • make a controlled stop
  • assess the strength of wind, direction and quality
  • understand weather forecast, tides and wind effects
  • knows the right-of-way rules
  • knows what equipment to choose for the current wind conditions

Level 3 IKO

At the end of this course student should be able and know how to:

  • control speed by edging
  • ride in both directions
  • ride in all directions including upwind
  • follow the right of way rules on the water
  • change direction of movement without stopping
  • make a carving turn
  • make a self-landing
  • the theory of a safe jump

You are still asking yourself if there’s something to do in Thailand?

Прыжок с гребом

Learn how to kite!