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Kitesurfing Equipment Rental Prices

Our school takes into account the latest equipment Nobile, Core, Cabrinha, Slingshot, M-Day and Mystic 2017-2018, as well as advice on tragedy and kitesurfing for rent.

New and used equipment from the above North companies is also on sale.

All these brands are world-famous.

slingshot kites

Slingshot Kites

The kites Nobile, Slingshot, Core, Cabrinha and North have been produced for almost 30 years and, as far as possible, are suitable for anyone who would like to engage in kitesurfing. In their arsenal, many patented technologies occupy a leading position in the market of equipment for water sports.

The learning process becomes a fairy tale on this cool kite-flying equipment.

It’s like learning to drive a Bugatti Veyron and accept Tesla’s rights.

These are the most reliable and high-quality kites.

Prices for rental kite equipment in Thailand:

The cost of the kit (kite + trapezoid + board):

  • per hour 30 $
  • per day 80 $

Kite rental cost:

  • per hour20 $
  • per day 60 $

Board rental cost:

  • per hour 15 $
  • per day 40 $

The cost of renting a trapeze:

  • per hour 10 $
  • per day 30 $

riley kiteboard trik