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Wakeboarding and Kiteboarding

Wakeboarding and Kiteboarding
Wakeboarding – what are the benefits for kitesurfing? There are days in Thailand when the wind is light and heavy riders do not have enough power to safely ride the kite, but we can keep on learning getting up on the board, edging and even jumping! The thing is that there’s a wake park in our Thai village Pak Nam Pran! Although the pa [...]

Where and how to get an IKO certifica...

Where and how to get an IKO certificate?
What is IKO and why do I need it? Many of you have heard this strange and utterly incomprehensible word – IKO. Let’s figure out what it is and who needs it. IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) is the world’s leading kiteboarding organization. It specializes in everything related to the kite education. For ex [...]

Promotional deals and discounts for k...

Promotional deals and discounts for kitesurfing courses
Cheap kitesurfing lessons in Thailand! The main idea of the promotion: at certain dates we increase the number of hours of the kite corse in Thailand and reduce the price for it. Thus, lessons are much more profitable in our Thai kite school. Request a call In 2018-2019 we will traditionally offer several special deals for kitesurfing [...]

Kitesurfing in Thailand

Where to kite in Thailand? If you have a kite, then for sure you’ll find a wind for kitesurfing in Thailand! Such world-known competitions as the PKRA World Cup stage and the KTA Asian Cup series only demonstrate that. Also local kiteboarding competitions are held annually, being actively supported by the Thai government. From this article [...]